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    Zoom Hearings: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Courtrooms

    May 11, 2021By Valeria Alvarez Verdier

    While Covid-19 has deprived us of many things we once considered a normal part of our lives, it has also introduced us to new lifestyles we never thought we would have. Despite the pandemic’s disruption of our justice system, shutting it down is not an option.

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    Criminal LawFeaturedMarijuana Laws

    Marijuana: The Path From Prohibition To Progress

    April 27, 2021By Claudia Perez

    Cannabis, also known as marijuana, has a complicated history in the United States. The public’s sentiment towards marijuana has historically been conflated with race, crime, and morality. It is this complicated relationship that makes the rapid change in support for marijuana law reform a surprising phenomenon.

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    2020 Presidential ElectionConstitutional LawFeatured

    Peacefully Passing the Torch: The Importance of a Peaceful Transition of Power

    April 21, 2021By Livan Davidson

    For as long as the United States has been at the centerstage of world power, other nations watch, some with anxiety and others with optimism, as one president steps down and the new elected president steps up to the role.

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    Elder LawFeaturedFlorida Law

    Protection for the Vulnerable Among Us: The Role of Guardians

    April 19, 2021By Gabrielle Bush

    What happens when we can no longer care for ourselves?  Whose responsibility is to take care of us?

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