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    Zoom Hearings: The Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtual Courtrooms

    May 11, 2021By Valeria Alvarez Verdier

    While Covid-19 has deprived us of many things we once considered a normal part of our lives, it has also introduced us to new lifestyles we never thought we would have. Despite the pandemic’s disruption of our justice system, shutting it down is not an option.

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    Despite the COVID-19 Vaccine having EUA, the EEOC Says You Better Be Willing to Take the COVID-19 Vaccine to Keep Your Job

    April 15, 2021By Yamille Hernandez

    The COVID-19 vaccine has become a polarizing issue in the country: people are either scrambling to get the vaccine or scrambling to avoid the vaccine. As fear of the vaccine and COVID-19 increase, people find themselves facing many uncertainties in this time of the Corona virus.

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    Bar Exams in the Wake of COVID-19: Disabled Law Students Denied After Petitioning for Remote Accommodations

    March 24, 2021By Christina Sprague

    In a world suddenly uprooted by a global pandemic, law students’ “new normal” looks drastically different from the lives they lived mere months ago. Amidst becoming accustomed to virtual learning, an uncertain job market, and canceled graduations, recent law school graduates also face the challenge of navigating a remote bar exam. Measures implemented to prevent cheating on the exam leave many graduates with disabilities feeling “forgotten about and left to beg for [them]selves.”

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    Will the Covid-19 “Take Home Lawsuits” be the Next Generation of Asbestos Class Action Suits?

    January 21, 2021By Carla Llaneza

    Although courts are split as to whether a business should be held liable for worker’s family members who contract illnesses, the success of the take home asbestos cases serve as a foreshadowing of the potential success that the Covid-19 take home cases may have in state and federal courts across the United States.

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