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    Freedom at a Price: How COVID-19 has Affected the U.S. For-Profit Bail System

    October 19, 2020By Melissa Respeto

    The for-profit commercialized bail system is legal in only two countries around the world, the United States and the Philippines.  The money bail system in the United States is structured in a way that, irrespective of whether a defendant is later found guilty or not by a jury, if they are charged with a crime and given bail, they can very well find themselves sitting in a jail cell with no recourse on the basis of nothing more than the size of their wallets.

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    Volume 32, Issue 2

    Spring 2020


    Transnational Punitive and Compensator Damages: Villains or Role Models?

    32 St. Thomas L. Rev. 103 (2020)
    Attilio Costabel*

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