Arbitrations in Florida: A Tale of Two Courts

By The Hon. Juan Ramirez, Jr. (Ret.)

25 St. Thomas L. Rev. 43 (Fall 2012).

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Applying Economic Loss Doctrine to Article 2 Transactions: A Doctrine at a Loss

By Jennifer S. Martin

25 St. Thomas L. Rev. 19 (Fall 2012).

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Clarifying State Action Immunity Under the Antitrust Laws: FTC V. PHOEBE PUTNEY HEALTH SYSTEM, INC.

By Angela M. Diveley

25 St. Thomas L. Rev. 73 (Fall 2012).

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Under the Lens of the Constitution: The NDAA’s Detainee Provisions and the Fifth Amendment’s Guarantee of Equal Protection

By Stephen Consuegra

25 St. Thomas L. Rev. 105 (Fall 2012).

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What Must We Hide: The Ethics of Privacy and the Ethos of Disclosure

By Anita L. Allen

25 St. Thomas L. Rev. 1 (Fall 2012).

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