Coming soon: online v.25 and v.26

The editorial board of the St. Thomas Law Review volume 27 welcomes you. We are updating our site to bring you the full text of the past several volumes. Soon available: the full texts of Volume 25 (issues 1, 2, and 3) and Volume 26 (issues 1, 2, and 3). Volume 26, issue 4 (the contracts issue with participants of the KCON-9 contracts conference) will also be published shortly.

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Arbitrations in Florida: A Tale of Two Courts

By The Hon. Juan Ramirez, Jr. (Ret.)

25 St. Thomas L. Rev. 43 (Fall 2012).

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Applying Economic Loss Doctrine to Article 2 Transactions: A Doctrine at a Loss

By Jennifer S. Martin

25 St. Thomas L. Rev. 19 (Fall 2012).

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Clarifying State Action Immunity Under the Antitrust Laws: FTC V. PHOEBE PUTNEY HEALTH SYSTEM, INC.

By Angela M. Diveley

25 St. Thomas L. Rev. 73 (Fall 2012).

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Under the Lens of the Constitution: The NDAA’s Detainee Provisions and the Fifth Amendment’s Guarantee of Equal Protection

By Stephen Consuegra

25 St. Thomas L. Rev. 105 (Fall 2012).

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